Quick-Cargo: Efficient supply chain logistics even after Brexit

The neverending story: Brexit! No-Deal, elimination on April 12.4th, further negotiations. Much still seems possible (as of early April). However, time - especially in the case of a no-deal - is becoming increasingly scarce. With the possible exit of Great Britain from the customs union, many challenges arise for your supply chain!

We have prepared ourselves - for your air freight solutions after Brexit

We continuously monitor the current political situation and work closely with our foreign partners as well as with our own subsidiary in Great Britain in order to be well prepared for all eventualities.

Long lines of trucks at the borders, no space for controls in the ports, we can now guarantee you air freight capacities. Take the chance and put your cargo in the air!

Do you have any questions about your transport solution to / or from the UK after Brexit, please contact us at any time:


Inform now

In the event of Brexit, trust the logistics solutions from Quick-Cargo:

  • Years of expertise in customs clearance with third countries,
  • We guarantee you fast customs processes thanks to AEO certification
  • Own branch near London offers a variety of short-term solutions - including quick help with storage bottlenecks
  • Prioritized freight thanks to cooperation with established airlines and flexible solutions
  • A permanent contact for your transport process
  • We offer extensive charter solutions for high freight volumes


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