Opening HAUS61

On April 12th The logistics start-up lab was opened on Kaiserstrasse, which is supported by QCS, among others. On the left in the picture: The Frankfurt Economic Development Agency presents presents and wishes HAUS61 much success.

Opening of HAUS61How does HAUS61 work?

Rachid Touzani:(CEO von Cargosteps und Mitgründer des HAUS61): Sechs Start-ups erhalten für ein Jahr nach einer erfolgreichen Bewerbung einen kostenlosen Platz in dem Lab für je zwei Personen. Dort sind sie mit allem versorgt, was sie zum Arbeiten benötigen und werden von den Partnern als Mentor unterstützt. Außerdem wird es Veranstaltungen zum Netzwerken und verschiedene Workshops geben

Was ist das Ziel?

Rachid Touzani: (CEO of Cargosteps and co-founder of HAUS61): Six start-ups will receive a free place in the lab for two people each for one year after a successful application. There they are provided with everything they need to work and are supported by their partners as mentors. There will also be networking events and various workshops

What is the goal?

Rachid Touzani: The aim is to exchange ideas with other people from other companies who also come from the logistics sector and to find the right start-ups for our partners. Projects should really be driven forward and realized from this collaboration.

What does QCS get out of it as a partner?

Nico Haltmayer: The most advantageous thing for us as partners: We come in with an idea or a problem about digitalization, present it and can then cooperate with the right start-up and develop a solution.

How interested are companies in Haus 61?

Rachid Touzani: There are now a lot of inquiries from companies that want to get involved. You can see that medium-sized companies are very interested in start-ups. But they lack the time and manpower to even get something like this off the ground and be on the topic. Knowing where important events are, which start-ups and cooperation opportunities there are. To do this, most people would have to set up their own company or at least their own department in their company.