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At QCS Group, we don’t merely transport goods; we create opportunities. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to be Europe’s top independent freight forwarder. Our journey has been remarkable, a testament to our dedication.

Journey to Success

Our success has been an incredible journey, marked by three significant stages of growth. The first cornerstone was the establishment of QCS Germany back in 1974, now celebrating nearly half a century of success.

The second stage saw the expansion into Western Europe over a decade ago. Offices in Denmark, led by Allan Bach, the Netherlands, under the exceptional management of Harold Rouimper, and Switzerland, guided by Christian Gschwindemann, have thrived and flourished.

Our third and most recent stage of success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our Central and Eastern European team, expertly led by Lubos Lukac. We owe our heartfelt gratitude to David Kondor, Alina Moldovan, Andrzej Banasiuk, and Sead Bihorac, along with their exceptional teams, for driving outstanding development in our Eastern European branch offices over the last two years.

Our success story is a reflection of the commitment and excellence exhibited by all these remarkable individuals and teams across Europe.

As a QCS Group customer, you can rely on:
  • Our European strength: With 28 offices across Europe and a significant presence in Germany (12 offices), we’ve established ourselves as a formidable industry player. In Germany, we have offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg (Sea Freight and Air Freight), Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Münster-Osnabrück, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart. Our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Basel, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Szczecin have been active for many years. Since 2022, we’ve expanded with offices in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, and Warsaw.
  • Best service, clear communication, and motivated teams: Our European network is the backbone of our operations, ensuring unparalleled service and crystal-clear communication for our partners and customers. Our highly dedicated and motivated team drives our success.
  • Centralized management for seamless coordination: Our strong headquarters team provides centralized management, enabling seamless coordination of company operations and sales. This keeps us one step ahead of industry challenges.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology for digitalization: In our pursuit of excellence, we harness cutting-edge technology, utilizing advanced TMS, CRM, and Control Tower software to spearhead digitalization, ensuring efficient and customer-centric operations.
  • Unlocking synergies for efficiency: At QCS Group, we value synergy. By consolidating operations, accounting, and pricing, we optimize every aspect of our service to benefit you, our valued customer.
  • Local expertise, global reach: Each of our offices is led by knowledgeable local logistics experts.


Lubos Lukac
Christian Gschwindenmann
Managing Director Switzerland
Harold Roumimper
Managing Director Netherlands
Allan Christensen

Managing Director Denmark

David Kondor
Managing Director Hungary
Sead Bihorac
Managing Director Slovakia
Andrzej Banasiuk
Managing Director Poland
Alina Moldovan

Managing Director Romania