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Experienced ocean freight specialists for your global freight
QCS- Quick-Cargo-Service is one of the leading owner-managed IATA freight forwarders. We offer you comprehensive ocean freight services, tailored specifically to your needs. As an experienced logistics partner, we coordinate the entire process from the choice of the right mode of transport to reliable shipping. Learn more about our high-quality services and why we are your first choice for your ocean freight logistics.


Why you should opt for an ocean freight solution
Cost efficiency: Use our ocean freight services to benefit from the economic advantages of sea transport. Capacity: Transport large quantities of goods thanks to our extensive capacities in full and consolidated containers. Sustainability: Choose an environmentally friendly transport solution that reduces the CO2 footprint compared to air or road transport.


Ocean freight services from Quick-Cargo-Service:

Our extensive range of ocean freight services includes
Full and consolidated container service (LCL/TCL): Use our flexible container solutions for transporting your goods in any quantity. Bills of lading: We provide you with professional bills of lading for port-to-port and door-to-door deliveries. Letter of credit-compliant document creation: Benefit from our expertise in creating documents that meet the requirements of letters of credit. Transport insurance: Protect your freight with our comprehensive transport insurance. Dangerous goods handling: Rely on our specialists for the safe handling and shipping of dangerous goods. Container loading and unloading: We have our own terminal where we professionally load and unload your containers. Warehousing: Use our storage facilities for the interim storage of your goods. (internal link) Documentation via Dakosy: Rely on our efficient documentation via the renowned Dakosy system. General cargo: We also offer general cargo services for the transport of smaller quantities of goods. AEO certification: As an AEO-certified company (DE AEOF-123844), we ensure safety and reliability in the supply chain.


Successful partnerships with shipping companies
We are proud of our proven partnerships with established shipping companies,which enable us to offer you first-class ocean freight services. Our long-standing experience and close cooperation guarantee you reliable handling of your ocean freight.


We offer a variety of container sizes for ocean freight, including 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, and special containers such as High Cube containers and Open Top containers. Our experienced professionals will be happy to advise you to determine the appropriate container size for your specific requirements.

The transport costs for ocean freight are calculated based on various factors, such as the distance between the ports, the type of goods, the weight and volume of the shipment, and the chosen service (FCL or LCL). To get accurate transport costs, please let us know your requirements, and our team will provide you with a custom quote.

Yes, Quick-Cargo-Service offers a comprehensive service that also includes the pickup and delivery of your goods. We coordinate the entire pre- and post-carriage and ensure that your goods are transported safely and on time. You can rely on our reliable transport partners to accompany your goods from pickup to delivery to the desired location. What documents are needed for ocean freight transport? For ocean freight transport, various documents are needed, including commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading, customs formalities (such as export declarations) and possibly additional specific documents depending on the type of goods. Our experienced team will assist you in creating and handling all necessary documents to ensure smooth ocean freight transport.

Does Quick-Cargo-Service offer transport insurance for ocean freight shipments? Yes, Quick-Cargo-Service offers transport insurance for ocean freight shipments. We work with reputable insurance companies to comprehensively insure your goods during transport. Our experienced insurance experts will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right insurance solution for your ocean freight shipments. How is the communication and tracking of my ocean freight shipments done? At Quick-Cargo-Service, we place great emphasis on transparent communication and real-time tracking of your ocean freight shipments. We provide you with modern tools and systems to track the status of your shipments and keep you regularly informed about the progress. Our customer service team is also always available to answer your questions and provide updates. Is Quick-Cargo-Service specialized in the transport of dangerous goods? Yes, Quick-Cargo-Service has extensive experience and expertise in the transport of dangerous goods. Our specialized team knows the applicable regulations and provisions and ensures that your dangerous goods shipments are transported safely and in accordance with the relevant regulations. Does Quick-Cargo-Service offer storage facilities for ocean freight shipments? . If you need interim storage for your goods, our secure warehouses are available. We take care of storing your goods and ensure that they are kept in optimal conditions until they are ready for further transport.

The duration of ocean freight transport can vary depending on various factors such as the chosen route, port conditions, the chosen service, and any stopovers. For accurate information on transport duration, please provide us with the exact details of your shipment, and we will give you an estimated delivery time based on our experience and knowledge of the route network. What does the AEO certification of Quick-Cargo-Service mean and what benefits does it offer? The AEO certification (DE AEOF-123844) of Quick-Cargo-Service stands for “Authorised Economic Operator” and confirms that our company meets high security standards and efficient customs procedures. This certification offers several benefits, including accelerated customs clearance, reduced checks, and increased security for your shipments. As an AEO-certified company, we strive to make your ocean freight transport as smooth and efficient as possible.

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