Railfreight Services by Quick Cargo Service: Optimize Your Shipping with Reliable Connections

Are you looking for efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions for your cargo? Look no further! Quick Cargo Service (QCS) presents its exceptional Railfreight services, offering you the best connections to China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. Discover the advantages of rail transportation as an alternative to traditional shipping methods and experience shorter transit times, increased reliability, and significant cost savings.

Rail Transport: Your Accelerated Shipping Solution

Embrace the future of logistics with Quick Cargo’s Railfreight services. We understand the importance of timely deliveries and the need for dependable transportation options. Our rail transport ensures:


Swift Transit Times: Experience transit times as short as 14 to 18 days, allowing you to expedite your delivery process significantly.


Reliability at its Best: Trust in our stable transit times of 15-17 days from China’s rail terminal to key European destinations like Hamburg and Duisburg.


Cost Efficiency: Slash your costs by up to 50% compared to airfreight expenses, while enjoying the benefits of quicker delivery times.


Seamless Transition: Our rail transport bridges the gap between air and sea freight, offering you a balanced and effective shipping solution.


Stable Rates: We provide you with consistent and stable rates, ensuring you can plan your shipments with confidence.

Discover the numerous benefits of choosing Quick Cargo’s Railfreight services

Reliability and Speed: Achieve high reliability with transit times ranging from 15 to 19 days, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on time.


Stable Rates and Timetables: Benefit from predictable pricing and consistent weekly schedules for efficient planning.


Strategic Hubs: We operate from multiple key locations in Asia/China and Europe, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your shipping journey.


Flexible Loading Options: Whether you require a full container load (FCL – 40′ HC) or a part container load (LCL), we accommodate your needs.


Reduced Handling: Minimize loading and unloading frequency by entrusting your cargo to a single container from origin to destination.


Inclusive Customs Clearance: Simplify your logistics by taking advantage of our comprehensive customs clearance services.


Quick Cargo’s Asian and European Hubs
Quick Cargo’s expansive network encompasses vital hubs across Asia and Europe:

China Hubs: Chongqing ,Wuhan, Xian, Zhengzhou

European Hubs: Duisburg (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Munich (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Malaszwicze (Poland)


Unlock the potential of Railfreight transportation with Quick Cargo Service. Experience faster transit times, reliability, and cost savings like never before. Trust us to elevate your shipping experience to new heights.

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