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When it comes to delivering oversized, time-sensitive, or hazardous goods, QCS-Quick-Cargo-Service is your go-to partner. We’ve faced challenges that would make others balk – like transporting valves for an oil platform from Milan to Nigeria within a tight deadline. Yet, with our expertise and determination, we’ve turned these challenges into success stories.


Success Stories:

Milan to Nigeria: A last-minute request to transport valves from a factory near Milan to Nigeria? No problem! With our trusted transport partner, GLEXX Aircargotrucking and the collaboration of Network Airline Services, we managed to deliver the cargo on time, using two aircrafts, a 747F and an MD11.


Oversized Shipment from Karlsruhe to Greenville: 37,500Kg of machinery transported from Karlsruhe via Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Greenville. The entire operation, including loading and unloading by crane, was executed flawlessly.


Antonov 124 Full Charter from Belgium to the USA: In partnership with UTC Overseas, Inc., we organized a full charter flight transporting 50 tons of machinery from Ostend Bruges to Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the oversized cargo and tight deadlines, our team managed to repack the entire shipment from sea to air freight in just two days.


Why Choose QCS-Quick-Cargo-Service?

Expertise: Years of experience in handling complex logistical challenges.
Global Network: Reliable delivery of your cargo worldwide.
Tailor-made Solutions: Whether it’s sea or air freight, onboard courier service, partial or full charters, we’ve got you covered.
24/7 Availability: Reach out to us any day, any time.
Complete Handling: From pick-up to delivery, we handle it all.
Local Contacts: No language barriers, thanks to our local contact persons.


Air Charter Excellence

Whether it’s a Cessna, Boeing, Helicopter, or Antonov, we have access to a range of aircrafts to suit your needs. Our Creative Solutions Operator swiftly analyzes the best available aircraft for your shipment. With our international network and years of experience, you benefit from quick handling times and top-notch service. Plus, safety is paramount; we ensure all legal and regulatory requirements are met for your air charter transport.


Comprehensive Service

Need continuous monitoring for your valuable cargo? Combine our Air Charter Service with an On-Board-Courier for maximum security, comfort, and efficiency. From pick-up to delivery, our personal On-Board-Courier ensures safe transport. Whether it’s national or international, our Air Charter Service ensures the fastest delivery to your desired destination.


Benefits of Our Air Charter Service:

Flexibility: Adapt to your unique requirements.
Time-saving: Quick solutions for urgent needs.
Cost-effective: Get the best value for your money.
Less hassle: We handle the logistics, so you don’t have to.
Real-time Updates: Stay informed about your shipment’s progress.
Combined Services: Option to combine Air Charter with an On-Board Courier.


Choose QCS-Quick-Cargo-Service and experience the difference. We’re not just a service; we’re your partner in making the impossible, possible!

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