Air Freight Solutions with Quick-Cargo-Service: Efficient and Reliable Transport Solutions for Your Business


Experienced Air Freight Specialists for Your Global Freight QCS-Quick-Cargo-Service is one of the leading owner-managed IATA freight forwarders. We offer you comprehensive air freight services tailored specifically to your needs. As an experienced logistics partner, we coordinate the entire process from the choice of the right carrier to reliable shipping. Learn more about our high-quality services and why we are your first choice for your air freight logistics.


Why choose an air freight solution:

  • Speed: Benefit from the speed of air freight to deliver your goods quickly to worldwide destinations.
  • Reliability: Rely on our expertise and our network of reliable airlines to ensure timely delivery of your freight.
  • Flexibility: Use the flexibility of air freight to meet short-term transport needs and respond quickly to market demands.

Air Freight Services from Quick-Cargo-Service:

Our extensive range of air freight services includes:
Express Shipping: For particularly urgent shipments, we offer express shipping options with prioritized handling and delivery.
Charter Flights: We organize charter flights to transport your freight to remote or hard-to-reach destinations.
Temperature-Controlled Freight: For temperature-sensitive goods, we offer special solutions for transport under controlled conditions.
Dangerous Goods Transport: Our specialized team takes care of the safe handling and shipping of dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations.
Customs Clearance: We assist you with all customs-related documentation and procedures to ensure smooth handling of your air freight shipments.
Insurance Coverage: Protect your freight with our comprehensive transport insurance, specifically tailored to the requirements of air freight.
Shipment Tracking: Use our advanced tracking tools to monitor the status of your air freight shipments in real time.


We offer a variety of container sizes for sea freight, including 20-foot containers, 40-foot containers, and special containers such as High Cube containers and Open Top containers. Our experienced professionals will be happy to advise you to determine the appropriate container size for your specific requirements.

Transport costs for air freight are calculated based on various factors such as the distance between airports, the type of goods, the weight and volume of the shipment, and the chosen service. To get accurate transport costs, please provide us with your requirements, and our team will prepare a personalized quote for you.

Yes, Quick-Cargo-Service offers a comprehensive service that also includes the pickup and delivery of your goods. We coordinate the entire pre- and post-carriage and ensure that your goods are transported safely and on time. You can rely on our reliable transport partners to accompany your goods from pickup to delivery to the desired location.

Various documents are required for air freight transport, including commercial invoice, packing list, air waybill, customs formalities (such as export declarations), and possibly additional specific documents depending on the type of goods. Our experienced team assists you in creating and handling all necessary documents to ensure smooth air freight transport.

Yes, Quick-Cargo-Service offers transport insurance for air freight shipments. We work with reputable insurance companies to comprehensively secure your goods during transport.

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