Air freight USA – one of our core markets

Since Quick Cargo Service was founded 46 years ago, the United States of America has been one of the three most important transcontinental markets in the world and also one of the company’s core markets. Despite all the challenges that have arisen in the meantime due to the pandemic, the forecasts for further economic growth are extremely positive.
Therefore, Quick Cargo Service will continue to strengthen its activities in the market.

Route management USA from Düsseldorf and Frankfurt in the future

Carsten Jörges from our Düsseldorf branch has been the responsible route manager for the United States for over 23 years now. He travels the USA an average of three to four times to personally support both our partners and customers on site and to further expand and optimize developments. Even in Covid times, QCS is in constant close interactive contact with local partners and customers.

In order to be able to do justice to all future challenges and the size of this market, Mr. Jörges is actively supported by Mr. Patrick Eberhard from our Frankfurt branch, who also has many years of experience in route development and has already spent several years overseas during his career lived and worked. With our experienced USA development team, QCS is ideally equipped for future development and is also available to shippers in their own country at any time to create transport solutions for smooth processes.

Your air freight contact USA

Carsten Jörges (Route Manager USA)

Patrick Eberhard (Route Manager USA)

Dense network in the USA & wide range of services

  • Thanks to long-term exclusive partnerships, QCS is well positioned not only in major metropolises, but also at around 100 airports in all states of the USA and is always able to provide timely and local solutions in the area of ​​imports and exports to ensure.
  • Through the combination of continental coverage in the USA as well as our European network and our presence at all important airports in Germany as well as our ‘Special 24/7 teams’ in our own country, QCS handles, among other things, special transports – including onboard services – on a regular basis every week the important receiving airports for the aviation and automotive industry, and even the smallest deliveries of goods are picked up on weekends, of course, across borders to various countries in Eastern Europe – arranged by special transport in order to get to the production lines in the automotive world or a defective plane as quickly as possible to keep moving at one of the American airports.
  • The range of our services also extends from ordinary import/export freight to project loading for oversized goods and home deliveries.
  • Thanks to our excellent close partnerships with local airlines, among other things, through various block space agreements in both Germany and the USA, we are able to arrange timely departures and solutions despite still greatly reduced frequencies and consequently very tight capacity.

Highlights of the past years

One of the highlights of the past few years, for example, was a transport series for a German automobile manufacturer: We were able to fly the sports cars to various destination airports in the USA and Canada for an entire North American racing season. Just in time with a service performance of 100% – all of our employees are available day after day to live up to the name of our company with all their competence and energy.
What is your challenge? Talk to us at any time and we will find a solution!