Quick Cargo Service expands the management

The long-established IATA forwarding company Quick Cargo Service used the Corona period to strategically reposition itself and set up a team of directors.

The management of Quick Cargo Service will in future consist of a total of seven members: Stephan Haltmayer, CEO, Dr. Jennifer Melnyk, Director Finance, Nico Haltmayer, Director Sales & Business Development, Heidi Haltmayer, Director Administration & Marketing, Markus Klein, Director IT, Ingo Schmich, Director Seafreight and Oliver Krautter, Director Airfreight. This new structure is intended to ensure, in particular, that in a federal structure with a total of twelve branches across Germany in the company’s two core areas of activity, sea freight and air freight, synergies can be optimally used and decisions can be made uniformly and quickly.

“In times of ever-increasing upheaval and processes, I am convinced that we can achieve more together as a team of directors. Both Ingo Schmich and Oliver Krautter have many years of expertise in the areas of sea freight and air freight, as well as an entrepreneurial vision and unrestricted acceptance and appreciation from all branch managers thanks to their long tenure in management positions in our company. “In the future, we will be more agile and more synergistically positioned on the market,” summarizes CEO Stephan Haltmayer. The Sales & Business Development director position was also created as a staff position. “The area has been very successfully completely redeveloped by Nico Haltmayer over the past five years and is now logically defined as a staff position due to its importance in the company. All other staff positions already existed in principle and have now just been firmly defined again,” explains Stephan Haltmayer.

In the picture from left to right: Markus Klein, Nico Haltmayer, Dr. Jennifer Melnyk, Heidi Haltmayer, Oliver Krautter, Stephan Haltmayer, Dieter Haltmayer and Ingo Schmich.