Logistics – situation in Germany

Below we at Quick Cargo Service would like to give you an overview of the current market situation in logistics, especially in logistics in Germany.

Germany is still in a lockdown; due to the federal structure of the Federal Republic, the regulations vary depending on the federal state and sometimes depending on the district. While a certain level of pandemic fatigue is spreading among the general population, the economy and especially logistics are relatively unaffected. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German economy will be burdened significantly less by the measures to contain the pandemic than last spring. For example, the manufacturing sector recorded strong growth, driven by foreign demand. The German industrial PMI has been moving above the psychologically important 50-point reference line, above which growth is indicated, for eight months.

Optimism among exporters is currently high despite the pandemic situation. The industry’s export expectations surveyed by the Ifo Institute reached their highest level in a good ten years in March, as the Munich institute announced. Compared to the previous month, the indicator, which is based on a survey, rose by 13 points to 24.9 points. This is the highest value since January 2011.

Around 180,700 tons of cargo (air freight plus air mail) were handled at Frankfurt Airport last month, which is the highest volume ever achieved in a February. This tonnage growth will probably continue, confirms Stephan Haltmayer, Managing Director of Quick Cargo Service. “However, it is of course noticeable that capacities are becoming increasingly limited. For this reason, we have significantly expanded our collective flights for the summer flight schedule. Of course, charters still play a major role at the moment – especially medical material and test kits, which we are currently increasingly importing. Over the Easter holidays, our Düsseldorf branch will fly four full charters to Brazil. In some cases, capacities can still be requested here ,” continued Haltmayer.