Efficient supply chain logistics reduces your costs sustainably

Quick-Cargo Service offers you tailor-made solutions for the automotive and supplier industries.

Favorable production processes are a crucial necessity in times of low margins. Because logistics costs often outweigh high storage costs. Good planning and reliable logistics are therefore the most important factors. Because a production line shutdown is extremely expensive. This makes it all the more important to have a logistician at your side who knows the challenges and masters them confidently every day. Quick-Cargo Service ensures that your production parts are on site on time and your schedule can be adhered to smoothly

Supply chain logistics with a reliable logistics provider

Trust in Quick-Cargo Service and benefit from the following advantages in the long term:

  • Reduced storage costs and lower inventories
  • A perfectly planned and secured just-in-time supply
  • A high level of delivery reliability
  • Shorter lead times

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Through years of close collaboration with our existing supply chain customers, we have been able to gain deep insights into their respective needs, continually expand our expertise and adapt our solutions even more specifically to your challenges. As a long-established company, we can optimize your entire logistical process chain from start to finish.

Supply chain logistics: air freight and sea freight solutions

Sea freight is the cheapest option, especially for your flow of goods between Europe and Asia. Quick-Cargo coordinates the entire process, from choosing the right mode of transport, to container loading in the company’s own terminal, consolidation and reliable shipping, including pre-carriage and on-carriage. As part of our global supply chain solutions, we collect the freight from our customers one week before departure. The greatest possible planning accuracy and strict adherence to delivery times are a must for us. Through long-term and close cooperation with shipping companies, our own fleet, full and consolidated container service, fixed capacities and a shipping situation tailored to the customer, we can ensure that your tightly scheduled production times are adhered to.

Faster and more flexible – this is how the supply chain logistics solutions can be summarized in the air. React more spontaneously to the orders of your customers and suppliers. Our current global supply chain solutions include a transport time of four days including pre-carriage and on-carriage. As an IATA agent, we have extensive expertise and offer high quality standards. A high number of departures, cooperation with established carriers including fixed capacities make us a reliable partner in your supply chain.


  • Decades of expertise in supply chain logistics (especially in the automotive industry)
  • Precise project planning – execution
  • Storage and collection container service
  • Fixed capacities
  • A personal contact for your entire transport process