Quick Cargo Berlin: 2-year contract with Asos

The next Black Friday can come! British online retailer Asos was so impressed with QCS Berlin’s performance that they signed a new two-year contract. Asos delivers throughout Europe and is primarily aimed at younger customers between 16 and 34 years old. Our Berlin office has been focusing on e-commerce logistics for some time and has created new storage capacity for this area. Quick Cargo Berlin is currently taking care of Asos deliveries for three destinations: Athens, Larnaca (Cyprus) and Malta.

Quick Cargo Berlin handles the following services for Asos:

  • Warehousing (storage/unloading, scan registration)
  • Take-back management and disposal logistics
  • Order picking (including general cargo to various destinations)
  • Packaging services
  • Tracking and scanning
  • Transport: Next-day-out flights (or faster if possible!), combined road/air transport

One of the most important aspects for smooth operations at peak times like on Black Friday is optimized communication, says branch manager Robert Weckwerth: “Constant contact between the online retailer and the logistics service provider should always be guaranteed, even outside of normal business hours. You shouldn’t choose the cheapest provider, but rather the one with the appropriate know-how in order to ultimately achieve the required time targets and quality standards. Smooth communication channels for everyone involved in the project are the key to success”.

If you need advice or have further interest in our e-commerce logistics services, do not hesitate to contact us: