Regular onboard courier service to McAllen (Texas)

Low production costs are a must for the automotive industry. Things become critical when there are delays in the production process. As in the present case with an American customer of our Stuttgart branch. And this over a planned longer period of time. It is important to prevent a line downtime at all costs, as this results in exorbitant downtime costs. Always the fastest possible delivery and maximum security were the most important criteria for our customer. A Herculean logistical task that we were very happy to take on.

An onboard courier service guarantees the highest level of security

Goods that are ready for shipping at night (usually between 20 and 80 kilograms) should be sent to the States directly in the morning. A regular on-board courier service was agreed with the customer. We book the optimal flight connection and take care of all formalities from transport insurance to customs clearance. The shipments are pre-cleared after the courier’s departure and have already been cleared upon arrival and only need to be presented, so that the time is used optimally. Of course, our on-board couriers are well trained, always speak the local language fluently and can therefore solve any difficulties with the import of the shipment straight away. This ensures the fastest possible delivery and, above all, the highest possible security for the shipment at all times. With an onboard courier service, we take personal responsibility for your sensitive goods from collection to delivery and never let your freight out of our sight.

Three to four times a week, the Quick Cargo branch receives a call at night, is on call and quickly arranges the transport process for the next day. At 9 a.m., the on-board courier is always on the plane to Houston on time. The onboard courier takes the goods with him as luggage. In Houston, the courier flies directly to McAllen on a domestic flight.