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Quick Cargo Service expands in Eastern Europe

New branch in Romania started on April 15th. Lubos Lukac hired as central business development manager to control and expand the branches in Eastern Europe. QCS-Quick Cargo Service is planning to open several branches in Eastern Europe in the near future. The first new office in Bucharest became operational on April 15th. The branch is run by the experienced logistics expert […]

Air freight USA - one of our core markets

Since Quick Cargo Service was founded 46 years ago, the United States of America has been one of the three most important transcontinental markets in the world and one of the company's core markets. Regardless of all the challenges that have arisen in the meantime as a result of the pandemic, the forecasts for further economic growth are extremely positive. Therefore, Quick Cargo Service will continue its activities in the market [...]

How the tail fin of a Boeing 737 came to QCS

In memory of the year 2016 ... or why there is a tail fin in front of our main building ... The new eye-catcher from Quick Cargo Service In Mörfelden-Walldorf, a riddle is making the rounds: Question: Do you know the Quick Cargo company? Answer: No. Question: Do you know where the huge tail fin of an airplane is? Answer: yes. In Kurhessenstrasse, in front of a freight forwarder. Finding: [...]

Container Freight Station and Distribution Center in Hamburg

Since 2012, Quick-Cargo has been offering the complete distribution portfolio in the Hamburg sea freight center in addition to the main sea routes and all customs clearance variants. In QCS’s own Container Freight Station we offer you a comprehensive service portfolio: from professional container loading and unloading, storage capacities in the areas of block and racking to fulfillment storage options and picking on demand. With us your [...]

Aerospace shipment from Schönefeld to Maastricht

Below are a few pictures of today's Aeorospace shipment from Berlin Schönefeld to Maastricht We are your partner for aerospace logistics Quick Cargo can help you and transport critical parts worldwide. In these difficult times, we offer you the right logistical solution for your maintenance, repair or maintenance activities. As a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group, we have [...]

Sophisticated e-commerce solutions

The dispatch of B2C parcels has increased sharply in Germany in recent years: in 2013 it was 1.137 million and in 2016 it was already 1613 million. Mail order companies now generate 47 percent of their pure e-commerce sales through online marketplaces. Above all, fast transport solutions are essential here. QCS offers well thought-out ecommerce concepts with warehousing options.

AOG helicopter project from Quick Cargo Switzerland

The project consisted of the simultaneous collection of two helicopters and transportation by air and by road. The successful implementation of a project of this scope and complexity required a team of technical and logistical specialists, which was successfully achieved through open, honest and collective good cooperation. As a member of the Aerospace Logistics Group, [...]

10 years QCS Denmark

The QCS branch in Denmark celebrated its 10th anniversary in June. Below is a contribution by Managing Director Allen Bach Christiansen about the past few years and the future of Quick Cargo Service in Denmark was launched in 2010 as the 4th foreign country neighboring Germany. It was an opportunity arising in the shadow of the world economic crisis, and [...]

QCS Netherlands transports live insects

QCS Netherlands will monitor the insects from collection to the destination airport and will ensure that they arrive in good condition. No, this is not an article on David Attenborough's wildlife. These little creatures are the new cargo from QCS NL. Last April, QCS NL was named as one of the suppliers for Koppert. Koppert [...]