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On-board courier service: automotive spare parts to Atlanta

Low production costs are a must for the automotive industry. It becomes critical when there are delays in the production process. As in the present case with one of our American customers from Atlanta. Production downtimes had to be prevented at all costs, because this results in exorbitant costs. Fastest possible delivery and maximum security were the most important factors for our customers [...]

Quick Ship It: Mission (im)possible – 65 tonnes from Italy to Nigeria within a very short time

Large tonnages, the fastest possible delivery required - a scenario that causes many project managers to sweat and the Quick-Cargo Service is happy to take on a challenge! Valves for an oil platform had to be transported from the factory near Milan to Nigeria as quickly as possible. We received the information on Friday morning that the shipment was ready for collection and at the latest [...]

Quick Cargo Berlin: mask charter

At Quick-Cargo Berlin, people also work on Labor Day. At Hahn Airport we were able to process a charter import with 1 masks and other protective equipment on May 900.000st. Do you need masks or medical equipment as soon as possible? Trust in air freight solutions from Quick Cargo Berlin. Even in times of limited air freight capacities, thanks to long-term partnerships [...]

Oversized shipment to Greenville

Quick Cargo Stuttgart handled an oversized shipment of 37.500kg from Karlsruhe via Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Greenville. The content was machines (gear cutting machines). The transport was organized with 2 trucks. Loading and unloading at the loading location in Karlsruhe, Hahn Airport and Greenville must be carried out by crane. At the airport in Greenville, the customer took over the shipment.

QCS Netherlands transports live insects

QCS Netherlands will monitor the insects from collection to the destination airport and will ensure that they arrive in good condition. No, this is not an article on David Attenborough's wildlife. These little creatures are the new cargo from QCS NL. Last April, QCS NL was named as one of the suppliers for Koppert. Koppert [...]

Air charter Antonov 124

Quick Cargo Service offers excellent air charter solutions. Unusual destination, urgent, sensitive, delicate, sensitive, voluminous cargo? When it comes to air charter, flexibility is essential. We offer you an individual solution for your transport request. Your advantages: Complete door-to-door service Personal contact person No language barriers due to local contact persons Team of experts with many years of experience QCS organized the Antonov 124 full charter flight [...]

QCS Berlin is shipping equipment from Toten Hosen to Argentina

In the past, QCS was able to handle difficult tours for the Toten Hosen - such as to Myanmar. And this time too, thanks to the well-coordinated collaboration, everything went smoothly. Quick Cargo was able to successfully organize the last tour to Argentina in 2015 in cooperation with Waivers. A recipe for success that we continued last year. Nice […]