Worldwide vaccine logistics

Vaccine logistics: temperature-controlled transports and extensive safety precaution

As soon as the Covid-19 vaccine is available, we are ready to transport it! Through our pharmaceutical network "Life Logistics" we are connected to GDP accredited logistics experts worldwide and perfectly organized to ensure a stable global supply chain for vaccines.

Trust in safe, temperature-controlled vaccine transport

Together with the international LifeLogistics network (which unites medium-sized pharmaceutical logistics companies worldwide), Quick Cargo Service has a worldwide pharmaceutical logistics network that guarantees the optimal distribution of pharmaceutical products around the globe. Vaccine transports are always carried out according to the guidelines of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Quick Cargo Service has excellent and long-standing connections to the most important airlines and is licensed Business-Partner of Lufthansa. Every day temperature-controlled transports are shipped via 11 German locations for worldwide shipment.

Temperature-controlled and temperature-monitored vaccine transports

With Data-Logger all temperature-controlled vaccine transports are constantly monitored from pick-up to delivery to the customer. This ensures exact and continuous temperature monitoring at all times. Both active and passive cooling is offered. Furthermore, Quick Cargo Service uses only airlines that offer suitable pharmaceutical refrigerated warehouses at departure and arrival airports to ensure the continuity of the cold chain.

The use of certified partners of the international LifeLogistics network guarantees at any time and at any point in the world that a GDP partner who accepts the shipment will hand it over to the end customer with the same qualitative care

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QCS Pharma Transports

  • GDP compliant transport solutions from sender to recipient
  • Just in time deliveries for time critical products (24/7)
  • Worldwide network for the transport of temperature-controlled goods in the areas of (active / passive) cooling
  • Qualified for DGR and Class 7 (radioactive substances)
  • Active cooling in containers
  • Temperature monitoring through monitors and container records
  • Packaging of refrigerated goods according to pharmaceutical requirements Cooling by cooling pads at +2°C to +8°C, with dry ice UN1845 / - 79°C
  • Handling of Biological Substances UN3373 - Category

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