Brexit transition phase ends on 31.12.2020

One thing is certain: there is no deal that maintains the status quo. What is currently being discussed between the EU and UK now is a duty free trade deal similar to that between the EU and Canada. The UK has indicated that because it wants control of its borders and to set its own rules it is not willing to remain as part of the EU customs Union this means the end of free movement of goods enjoyed since 1992 and import and export customs declaration will be required whatever the outcome of the current trade talks.

What does that mean? And how can I prepare for it. Here are a few recommendations from Richard Arnold branch Manager of the Quick Cargo office in London..

  • There will be random and targeted border controls on animal, vegetable, medical or military goods - we believe there will be minimal to no border controls on other goods, and customs will continue to perform checks after they are shipped
  • From January to July: If you are authorized under the CFSP, you do not need to clear customs on your arrival. You have 6 months to submit your tax entry to the HMRC. However, we recommend that you undertake the customs import at this point, unless there is a significant tax advantage in not doing so.
  • Our advice is to check your products duty rates in the new UK import tariff
  • Ensure you can produce commercial paperwork as invoices and packing lists are now required
  • Health certificates, import licences will be required for certain
  • Talk to your EU based customers or suppliers about the terms of sale so you both agree who is liable for the duty, VAT and clearance costs
  • Trading standards will change, labelling for clothing, cosmetics, skincare will change and should be checked. Labelling with a UK address will no longer be allowed for importation to the EU.

Understand that trading with the EU will be the same as trading with the rest of the world

Talk to us at Quick Cargo London and our team will consult with you to help ensure your business is ready

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  • For high freight volumes we can also offer a comprehensive range of charter solutions.

Quick Cargo can advise and support you in the optimization of your supply chain. As an IATA agent we offer comprehensive experience and the highest standards of quality.

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