QCS Netherlands transports live insects

QCS Netherlands will monitor the insects from collection to the destination airport and will ensure that they arrive in good condition.

No, this is not an article on David Attenborough's wildlife. These little creatures are the new cargo from QCS NL. Last April, QCS NL was named as one of the suppliers for Koppert. Koppert Biological Systems uses solutions from nature itself. Together with the breeders and in partnership with nature, they work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and more resilient. This is achieved through the use of natural enemies and microorganisms to combat pests and plant diseases, ranging from bumblebees for natural pollination to bio-stimulants that support and strengthen the crops, both above and below the ground. Koppert has a great reputation in this field and exports worldwide.

We now have a weekend shift especially for this new customer, as the shipments are picked up on Saturday evening and leave for DTW and LAX every Sunday. As of this writing, QCS NL is serving two destinations, but it has been said that the number of destinations will increase. There is already demand for shipments to Latin and South America, and price negotiations are currently taking place here. In addition to the weekend line, QCS Netherlands now also flies a regular shipment within the week.

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