Arkas Line is adding a new region to its service network in line with its goal of expanding into new markets. Following the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Europe, Africa, and the East Coast of America, Arkas Line is now starting regular weekly services in the Red Sea.

Maintaining its strong position with extensive experience in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, West and North Africa, and Southern and Northern Europe, Arkas Line continues to broaden its service network. After its recent expansion to America, Arkas Line is now adding the Red Sea to its service area.

Starting on June 16, 2024, Arkas Line will connect all the ports it serves to the Red Sea with two regular weekly services.

The RS1 Service will follow the “KUMPORT (TRKMX – Kumport) / EVYAP (TREVY – Evyap Terminal) / ALIAGA (TRALI – TCE EGE) / JEDDAH (SAJED – RSGT) / AQABA (JOAQJ – Aqaba APMT) / KUMPORT (TRKMX)” rotation in the north.

The RS2 Service will follow the “ISKENDERUN (TRISK – Limak) / MERSIN (TRMER – MIP) / JEDDAH (SAJED – RSGT) / AQABA (JOAQJ – Aqaba APMT) / ISKENDERUN (TRISK – Limak)” rotation.

With its new Red Sea services, Arkas Line will add Port Sudan and Djibouti to its service network, with a transshipment connection in Jeddah.

Can Atalay, CEO of Arkas Line, said, “With nearly 30 years of expertise, experience, and know-how in container transportation, we aim to contribute to Türkiye’s trade by extending the Arkas Line name to different geographies. In this direction, as we expand and rejuvenate our fleet, we are taking swift yet firm steps forward by incorporating new markets into our service network. With our newly launched Red Sea Express Services (RS1 and RS2), we are adding the ports of Jeddah, Aqaba, Port Sudan, and Djibouti to our service network.”

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